The Belmont Barbershop

The other week, my friend Tom told me that he was looking to find a new place to get a haircut and wanted to find a place that the barber/stylist knew what they were doing. Without hesitating I suggested he book an appointment with my barber, Isaac, at Belmont Barbershop. In the previous post, I gave a little sneak peek to the roll of film that I shot. Today, I present you with the unedited roll from that Saturday where I felt like a dad taking his son, Tom (he isn't my actual son), to his first haircut. I want to thank Josh Cooley, Isaac Holmes, Jose and the rest of The Belmont Barbershop crew for letting me document a bit of the life that goes down on an early saturday morning at the shop.  Also, congrats to the crew for being rated one of the Coolest Small Businesses in Chicago by Business Insider!