Aether SF

One of my favorite outdoor apparel brands, Aether, opened up their first retail store in San Francisco on the popular Hayes Street earlier this year. The reason for founders, Jonah Smith and Palmer West, to start Aether sums up how I feel about outdoor gear in the city: "As outdoor enthusiasts who live in the city, we found our shopping options to be extremely limited. We could either go with a flashy performance-driven brand and feel out-of-place in the city, or, go with a design-oriented label and sacrifice outdoor functionality." Being an Outdoor Enthusiast that lives in a large metropolitan city, Chicago, you could say that Aether is the right brand for me. As I was traveling to Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving, I felt it necessary to stop by and get to see the store before I left San Francisco.  Made from three shipping containers and a belt-driven "dry-cleaner" style conveyor system, the AetherSF shop truly emulates the brand's aesthetic, modern design with performance-driven functionality. Not only is the building spectacular and well designed, but the staff at the store are amazing. I got to speak with the lovely Francesca, see photos, and we decided that the Nimbus and Highline were the perfect jackets for someone, me, living in Chicago. If you are ever in San Francisco, head over and say hi! Hopefully you will get to meet Francesca and then get a scoop of liquid nitrogen ice cream from Smitten Ice Cream

This post is not sponsored by Aether and represents my thoughts and opinions towards the brand.