Belmont Barber Pt. II

It has been quite a while since my last post. However, time has passed and I feel it is necessary to provide a little more insight to my ventures at this wonderful local Chicago barbershop. Completing all of my other projects, I was finally able to put the final edits to my second photo trip to Belmont Barbershop. The second trip was an evolution for Elevated Adventurer as Tom Phillips abandoned his model job and be a guest photographer, while I got my hair cut.  Since my last post, Tom has become an advocate for the barbershop and a loyal customer to Isaac. I am also excited to announce that I actually will be introducing my roommate, the indecisive Taylor,  next week to the Belmont Barbershop experience and probably create another loyal customer. He does not know that I will have my camera in hand ready to go (until he reads this article of course). Without further ado here are a few more shots into the experience of Belmont Barbershop: