Voiceover Work

Nola National Geographic Spec Ad from Brett Froomer

VO commissioned March 2017

Director looking for a voice that was fresh, yet provided a full resonance that emulated an accent similar to one found in New Orleans. 

Director: Brett Froomer; VO: Ian Manger; Post: Whitehouse Post

Improving the Retail Experience from Digi.com

VO and sound mixing commissioned February 2014

Digi's TransPort WR family delivers internet connectivity via cellular networks to retail and point-of-sales applications.

Learn More about C.A.R.S.

VO commissioned 2016.

The C.A.R.S. Ministry provides reliable transportation to those in need through refurbished, donated vehicles with the help of volunteer mechanics.

OnTarget from Perfect Pipeline

VO and sound mixing commissioned June 2015

OnTarget allows managers of sales and support teams to set customized metrics and targets for their team. Each user gets a customized dashboard showing their progress to hitting their targets. Broadcast your metrics on TVs in your office to motivate reps.